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PVPUSD schools will remain closed until April 30, 2020 at the earliest.

School Safety Notice


Dear Montemalaga families,


School safety is very important to the entire staff at Montemalaga.  The teachers, aides, office, and countless volunteers make sure that procedures are in place that provide a supportive school environment.  Parents are very much a part of school safety.  Please take a minute to read and follow these guidelines.  Thank you very much for keeping our students safe at Montemalaga. 

Students need to have their backpacks ready to take with them in the car at drop-off.

Students are only to enter/exit cars at the curb---not into the parking lot

Be sure to place your car in the “Park” position when loading/unloading passengers

The Parking Lot provides parking for staff only-

Keep attention on driving—cell phones should not be in use in the car

There is no left turn out of the school parking lot –especially during busy traffic times

Always use the clearly marked crosswalks in the parking lot

Always pull forward as far as possible in the parking lot and along the curb at the back gate

Parents need to remain in the car while waiting for children

Drive slowly in and around the school parking lot

Be respectful—we are all working to make sure that children remain safe at all times!

All people on campus must check-in at the office

Make vacation plans during school breaks—remember we have 180 school days and 185 days in the balance of the year-

Arrive to school on time with the needed materials for the day

Remember to allow your child to carry the backpack, lunch etc. Your child does an amazing job getting to the classroom daily!

Keep your ears and eyes open—Always let the office know if anything unusual is happening on campus

All of us at Montemalaga work hard to be our best selves and to always do our personal best!  Thanks again for being part of our team!


 Mrs. J. Pastell