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Montemalaga Student Council

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Qualifications to Run for Student Council


You must fill out an application and turn it to your teacher by Friday, September 23rd
You must have the signature of your parents and yourself when you fill out the application.
You must write a minimum of one paragraph telling why you should be elected to be in Student Council.
Candidates for President must be 5th
Candidates for Vice President must be 4th or 5th
Candidates for Secretary must be 3rd or 4th
Candidates for Treasurer must be in the 3rd  


All speeches must be approved by the classroom teacher and only approved speeches may be used.  Any speech without approval from a teacher may cause you to not be allowed to participate in the election.

Friday, September 23rd will be the primary election in your classroom.  Be sure to prepare a short speech (1-2 minutes), based on the paragraph written above, to be given to your class, explaining why you want to be a student council officer.

Classroom Nominees not elected as an officer in the schoolwide election will serve as Classroom Representatives.

Teachers have the option to select a Representative from their class to serve. Appointed representatives must complete the consent portion to the Student Council Election Packet.


Job Descriptions

President:  Will help run the two regularly scheduled meetings each month in the morning before school.  The President will meet with the Principal weekly to discuss ideas and agendas for meetings.  The President will make sure that all Student Council activities are organized and planned.  The President will help with the Monday morning announcements.

Vice President:  Will assist the President in all duties, take attendance at meetings and help with Monday morning announcements.

Secretary: Will take attendance at each meeting and will keep accurate notes/records of what is decided at all meetings.  The secretary will also write any letters to people from Student Council, as needed.

Treasurer: Will count money from events/activities with an adult and will report at meetings current budget items.

Representative: hold office for half of the year – Fall or Spring

Note: There will be two elections for officers - Fall & Spring.

President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer from Fall session will continue as representatives for the Spring session.


Important Dates for Student Council Elections

Be sure to print out an application form. Applications are due on Friday, September 23, 2022

Friday, September 23rd:  Turn in your completed application to your teacher for speech approval.

Friday, September 23rd:  Primary elections will be held in each classroom (grades 3, 4, and 5).  The students give their speeches to their homeroom class.  The class votes.  The student with the most votes for each applicable position (i.e. Pres., VP, Sec., Treas.) wins and will  present their speeches at the general election assembly on Friday, September 30th.  The student with the second most votes will automatically be the classroom representative to student council.  Additionally, the teacher will select one student from the class to be the third representative.  Each classroom will have three representatives. 

Friday, September 30th:  General Election Assembly in the MPR where candidates present their speeches.

 Speech Guidelines

Speech Guidelines:

  • Have fun and be creative
  • No props allowed
  • Be realistic with the promises you are making to fellow students
  • Talk about such things as why you wanted to run for the office, why you are qualified, how you want to help the school, past experiences, etc.
  • Be sure to practice your speech many times in front of someone before both the classroom and general election—Good luck!
See attached application