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Student Council

Hello MM Students,
Montemalaga has developed the Student Council as a student leadership program. This organization involves students in meaningful ways both in the classroom and beyond. Student Council provides opportunities for students to demonstrate their talents, skills, and interests while continuing to develop new leadership skills. Through active participation in Student Council, students gain ownership of the programs they develop for our students.
This year students 3rd - 5th grade can apply and be a part of the Student Council, either in an elected position, homeroom representative, or committee member. Due to the overwhelming number of students who wish to participate in the student council, this year’s requirements will be outlined in the attached applications.
Students who want to be a part of the student council must first fill out an application. Once your application has been accepted you will be noticed and able to apply for an executive position.

Qualifications to Run for Student Council 


  •  You must fill out an application and email it to your teacher and student council parent advisor Jenny Handjian by 3 PM.

  • You must have the signature of your parents and yourself when you fill out the application. 

  • You must write a minimum of one paragraph telling why you should be elected to be in Student Council. 

  • Candidates for President must be 5th graders. 

  • Candidates for Vice President must be 4th or 5th graders. 

  • Candidates for Secretary must be 3rd or 4th graders. 

  • Candidates for Treasurer must be in the 3rd grade.

All speeches must be approved by the classroom teacher and only approved speeches may be used. Any speech without approval from a teacher may cause you to not be allowed to participate in the election.

Wednesday, September 16 will be the primary election in your classroom. Be sure to prepare a short speech (1-2 minutes), based on the paragraph written above, to be given to your class (via Zoom), explaining why you want to be a student council officer.

Classroom Nominees not elected as an officer in the school-wide election will serve as Representatives.


Teachers have the option to select a representative from their class to serve. Appointed representatives must complete the consent portion to the Student Council Election Packet. 


Mrs. Sandi Tsosie
Principal | Montemalaga Elementary
310.378.5228 ext 20200 |
Twitter |@Mrs_SandiTsosie
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