Culture Kit

Oral Report : Culture Kit

The oral report for January 28nd through February 8th will be to present your culture kit to the class.

Your culture kit is due January 28th, even if that is not your regular sharing day.

You will have approximately 2 weeks to work on your culture kit.

Culture Kit Directions:

  • Decorate a shoebox, or box of similar size, both inside and out. You can use gift wrap, fabric, etc. or you can decorate it with pictures that represent your culture.
  • Choose at least 4 items to put inside the box that represent your family’s cultural background. Items should not be glued onto the box. They can just be placed inside.
  • If you would like to share more than one culture, please feel free to do so. Just divide the box in half, and share about both.
  • Fill out the Culture Kit fact sheet (posted in next week’s homework packet). Use complete sentences.
  • Bring the Culture Kit and the fact sheet to school by January 28th.


Have fun with this assignment!

Mrs. Rosales