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Weekly Memo February 26 - March 2, 2018

Montemalaga Elementary School

Weekly Memo

February 26-March 2, 2018


Character Traits:  Fitness and Skill

            Do you know that everyone has specific skills that they have mastered?  Having the opportunity to learn from our friends strengthens our own skills and friendships.  Please take the time to thank a friend for sharing their expertise with you-


Social/Emotional Learning: 

            Do you know what effective listening looks like? Practice listening to adults and friends by doing the following:  Do not interrupt—practice repeating what you hear—this includes validating the person’s statements and continuing the conversation.  There is a lot to learn from other people!


Lounge Duty:  Grade 3 Thanks very much!

Wednesday Cafeteria Helpers:  Molly and Eto, please go to the MPR at 12:15 to work-

Kindness Cart:  This week goes to Aria in Mrs. Armstrong’s class-room 11 for always being supportive of friends and encouraging people during PE-Congratulations!

Students are reminded that they may practice playing their musical instruments on Thursday during lunch recess in the MPR-

This is the last week for our NEGU dime collection.  Thanks Montemalaga for making a difference to others-

Safety is very important at our school.  I have been told that some of our drivers are not completely stopping at stop signs surrounding Montemalaga. In fact, recently a car simply rolled through a crosswalk without stopping even though pedestrians were present.  Please be sure to be alert and drive very safely around our school.  Do not use any cell phones when you are driving.  Thank you for keeping our students safe!

 FYI…Early elementary school children need brief, simple information that should be balanced with reassurances that their school and homes are safe and that adults are there to protect them.  At Montemalaga we use the lock blocks on doors to ensure safety, yard supervision makes sure that all students are safe at recess and lunch, and monthly drills are practiced to make sure that we are ready for all emergencies. 

The office will make every effort to minimize the calls into the classroom in order to not interrupt instruction.  Students should be reminded to check the front table in the office if they have forgotten anything that they need for the day:  snacks, notebooks, musical instruments, etc.  We will do our best to call just before recess times and lunch—

Students are reminded to check the Lost and Found weekly.  There are several “lost” items in the MPR waiting to be found-

Montemalaga has a Truxton’s fundraiser on Monday, February 26-Hope to see you there!

Math tests will be given to 4th and 5th grade students on February 27 and February 28 in the classrooms-

Grade 4 will provide “treats” for the Lounge on Wednesday, February 28.

All SPIRIT names are due to JP by Wednesday, February 28

The Second Trimester ends of Friday, March 2

First Student Council Meeting for the second half of the year is Friday, March 2 at 7:45 in room 20-


Be your best self…the choice is yours!


Monday, February 26                                                           

Ringing of the school bell

Weekly morning announcements


Truxton”s Montemalaga fundraiser

9:00 Grade 5 Assembly in the MPR-Ridgecrest Intermediate School music presentation

Early dismissal-teacher planning


Tuesday, February 27                                                           


Running Club before school

EL Homework Club in room 20 before school-

Executive Board Meeting PTA-Mrs. Rosales to attend—thank you!

PTA President/Principal meeting at 11:00

Grade 4 Missions in MPR

District Math tests for grades 4 and 5

Night Custodian at Montemalaga


Wednesday, February 28     

District Math tests-Day 2 grades 4 and 5

Ballroom dancing for grade 5 in the PM

Debate in room 15

Board of Education Meeting-6:30

Grade 4 treats in the lounge today-

Garden Education

Snack Day in the Cafeteria

Chorus before school in the MPR


Thursday, March 1   

Ensemble before school grades 4 and 5

Instrumental Block Music-Grades 4 and 5

Option to practice playing musical instruments at lunch in the MPR

Make-up math assessment tests for grades 4 and 5

Report cards due to JP today!

Teacher/Parent conference reminders sent home- if needed

EL Homework Club before school in room 20


Night Custodian at Montemalaga

Recycle collection today-thanks!


Friday, March 2

Wear Montemalaga SPIRIT clothing today!

End of the Second Trimester

AAYF for Reed and Smith

PTA meeting off campus-Principal and President

Student Council Meeting at 7:45 in room 20

Student Council Activity:  Dress as your favorite character from a book-

Faculty treats in Faculty Lounge—celebrating the end of the second grading period-Thank you Social Committee!

Enjoy the weekend!